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This is Why It Is Dangerous to Use a Cell Phone While Charging

Is it true that using a cell phone while charging is dangerous because of the increased radiation and potential for explosion or electrocution?
Covering your phone with bedding, your body, clothing or other materials that have an effect on the performance of the phone and pose a risk of fire or explosion that can trigger serious injuries to your body or damage to property.
Also, it is recommended not to use non-approved chargers, because they can pose a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other danger.
This is Why It Is Dangerous to Use a Cell Phone While Charging
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There has been an incident where a boy’s phone exploded because of the increased radiation caused by a low battery. The photo collage above has been circulated with this story.
The statement that the cell phone releases more radiation when the battery is low is incorrect. A weak signal prompts the mobile phone work harder, not a weak battery. Also, a weak signal gives more radiation because in this case the phone works harder.
This means you should avoid use the phone in elevators, buildings and rural areas.
The story of the boy from India who died while using his charging cell phone is not that real. It is true that this boy is from India, but he did not die. His injuries happened because of the non-approved Chinese-made cell phone he was using.
There is a warning in Samsung phones that non-approved chargers can cause fire or injury.
So, the incidents you can read about on the internet have not occurred due to increased radiation. Also, a low battery cannot be the cause for increased cell radiation.

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