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This is Why Sleeping with a Cell Phone Under Your Pillow is Dangerous

There are several reasons why sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow or near your head is dangerous.
It has been indicated that cell phones can have a harmful effect on the brain, but it is still unknown whether cell phone use is linked with brain tumors or brain cancer.
However, experts recommend being cautious and restrict usage to only necessary exposures. It is not advisable to sleep with a cell phone under your pillow or next to your head because of the possibility of overexposure to potentially dangerous radiation.
There are people who are very attached to their cell phones that they sleep with them on their nightstand or even under their pillow. This is a very bad idea because cell phones draw off electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on.  This means sleeping with your phone nearby increases your exposure all night long.
You need to either put the phone on “airplane mode” or turn it off. Another thing you can do, if you have to available for calls, is place the phone several feet away from your bed.
Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at University of California’s Berkeley’s School of Public Health, says children should not be allowed to sleep with their phones under their pillows. Also, he disapproves of carrying cell phones in pockets because of the potential radiation exposure to reproductive systems.
This is Why Sleeping with a Cell Phone Under Your Pillow is Dangerous
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The electromagnetic radiation waves released by cell phones have been classified as a potential carcinogen. However, there haven’t been found any solid evidences that cell phones release enough radiation to cause cancer. Still, be cautious and reduce exposure to cell phone radiation.
Fox News report on a cell phone that caught fire underneath a teenage girl’s pillow:

Image and video source: FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth
Here are other tips to decrease exposure to cell phone radiation:

  1. Cell phones have a specific absorption rate (SAR) which indicates the amount of released radiation. Buy a cell phone with a low specific absorption rate level which advocates lower radiation levels.
  2. Using hands-free devices can reduce specific absorption rate levels on condition that they are removed from the head when not in use.
  3. Of course, limiting the time you spend talking obviously restricts exposure to cell phone radiation. Also, it is better to text instead of talk because this reduces exposure to potential radiation.
  4. Sleep away from cell phones and do not carry your mobile phone in front pockets.

We already mentioned that there are not enough scientific evidences for a link between cell phone use and cancer, but anyway you can limit your exposure to cell phone radiation.
Don’t sleep with a cell phone under your pillow or anywhere near your head. It is an unnecessary radiation exposure, and also it can disturb sleep or be a possible fire peril.

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