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You Need to Know This If Your Loved Ones Are Dealing with Type 1 Diabetes

Unless you struggle with type 1 diabetes, you cannot understand how it is living with this harsh disease that requires constant treatment.
Many people think that this disease occurs due to a sugar-loaded diet and lack of exercise. But this is not true.
Here are some things you need to know if your close relatives or friends are dealing with this disease and how you can help them:

They are constantly judged
Type 1 Diabetes is inherited but many people do not know this. These people often put the blame on people with diabetes for consuming too much sugar or not exercising.

They deal with an incurable autoimmune disease, not a lifestyle disease
This disease cannot be cured by diet changing or exercising, so correct people who suggest this.

They live each day with a serious disease
Life of people with diabetes has changed forever. Living with this life-threatening disease is not easy because it seems to arise unexpectedly for no obvious reason.

Their life is much different than yours and mine
For the rest of their lives, people with diabetes will take injections or use an insulin pump. They need to give themselves several shots daily or monitoring a pump attached to their abdomen. They need to keep the sugar in their blood in a safe range, or else they can get hypoglycemia and fall into a coma.

They look like everyone but they feel different
Maybe they look like everyone else but the inside is much different. Because their pancreas is not producing insulin anymore, they have to take insulin. If these patients do not do it, they can fall into a coma and could die. They are aware of this problem and live with this reality.

Insulin pumps can make it easier for diabetics, but they are not worry-free
Insulin pumps deliver insulin but it is not a cure. Diabetics have to monitor their intake of carbs and blood sugar levels.
They live with a disease that never leaves
Apart from all the monitoring systems diabetics use, they do not have the option to forget their illness.

A dog can be their best friend and save their life
There are specially trained dogs that can feel rapid blood chemistry changes before the hypoglycemia symptoms become obvious. This type of dog is a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

They grew up with parents who protect them
Most diabetics are diagnosed with this illness as children or adolescents. Their parents needed to protect them and care about them.

Diabetics need you because they have lost other close friends to the disease
This disease is life-threatening and is the 7th leading cause of death in the USA.

If they act strangely, they are not drunk
Shakiness, blurred vision, confusion, and lack of coordination are symptoms of hypoglycemia. If you see diabetics act strangely, get help.

The daily intake of insulin is not a cure
They do this every day in order to stay alive.

Life is a never-ending balancing act
These people are their own mathematician, nurse, and dietician just to survive.

They hate when you don’t offer them a slice of birthday cake
They are better at handling their blood sugar than you, so offer them desserts and let them indulge and regulate their insulin levels.

They feel like a burden
About 71% of people with this disease feel like being a burden on the healthcare system or a failure of individual responsibility.

Help them by teaching other people about Type 1 Diabetes 
Many people do not understand type 1 diabetes. Help people learn more about this disease and make a difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

They are too wise from a young age
They had to take control and care about their health from a young age. They are their own best health advocate and nurse. They have lost close friends from this disease.

They need your love and support, but not your pity
True compassion and empathy that you understand how they feel will help them a lot. They want to be treated like a human.
Instead giving them advices to change their lifestyle, offer them a fun day filled with laughter.
These people often feel alone and not understood, but with your love and support they will feel accepted and respected.

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