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You Probably Don’t Know the Real Reason Chinese Women Bound Their Feet – Shocking

The reason was se.x!
The procedure started between the ages of 4 and 9. The feet were absorbed in animal blood before the toes were overlapped the foot’s sole and bound with cotton gauze. The arch and toes were then broken by power, and the feet were more than once bound more tightly and more tightly with a specific end goal to accomplish the littlest size possible.
You Probably Don’t Know The Real Reason Chinese Women Bound Their FeetIt was the magnificence ideal of the time and considered essential in order to marry and have a superior life. Be that as it may, the purpose for feet tying is not the apparent beauty of little broken feet.
Due to their tiny feet, (the women) were compelled to walk with an interesting stance and gait… which constrained the muscles in the upper legs, hips and vagina. With the body’s weight conveyed always on her heels, a lady created fat thighs which made her most well proportioned according to a Chinese male. The walk brought on the vagina’s muscles to tighten to such a degree, to the point that Chinese men have asserted making love to lady with bound feet was similar to having intercourse to a virgin.
Along these lines, when watching a lady take her careful, wobbling steps, the male probably have been remembered of excellent sexual pleasure.
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