If You Do These 6 Things, You’ll Never See another Spider in Your Home Again

We all love summer, but it can be frustrating because of all the insects it brings. The commercial spider and bug repellents are full with dangerous chemicals. It is time to stop poisoning yourself by using them and try some natural ways to get rid of the nasty spiders.
Natural repellents are more helpful and they don’t include chemicals that are present in the commercial products.
Here are some you can try and eliminate spiders:


Citrus fruits are something spiders hate, so you can effectively eliminate spiders with some lemon essential oil. Also, you can rub some lemon and oranges peels on areas where spiders appear, such as baseboards.

Keep Your House Clean

Your floors should be vacuumed and swept if you want to keep spiders at bay. Also, seasonal de-clutter is advisable, which will also surprise you with the space you actually have at home.
In addition, make sure you clean the outside part of the house. Clean the leaves, sticks, and clippings out of your lawn. Moreover, check if there are some gaps in the doors or window sills. If you live in an apartment, clean the balcony and windows regularly.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most resourceful items in the home. Its smell keeps ants, mosquitoes, and spiders away. Make a natural repellent spray by combining 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and place it in a spray bottle. Spray all around the house and the yard.


Place cedars blocks in your cupboards and closets, including your garden so you can repel spiders from your closets. Also, you can buy cedar hangers and get rid of spiders forever, as well as moths near your closets.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is another thing spiders hate. Mix 8 drops of essential oil with a little bit of liquid dish soap and spread the oil molecules in the water in a spray bottle. Also, you can add 8 more peppermint essential oil drops to enhance the minty smell. Shake the bottle and spray all around your house.
Moreover, you can mix vinegar and peppermint and make another natural repellent.

Chestnuts or other Tree Nuts

Chestnuts, walnuts, and horse chestnuts can be very helpful in repelling spiders. Their scent has chemicals that spiders don’t like. Place a few on the windowsills and your problem with spiders will be solved.
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