A Big Butt Is a Healthy Butt- Scientists Say That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter and Healthier

According to studies at the University of Oxford, women with bigger butts are more intelligent and there are fewer chances of them dealing with chronic illnesses than women with average or below average butt size.
Moreover, women with larger butts have reduced cholesterol levels and have good hormones that aid them process sugar better. In addition, these women are less likely to get diabetes or heart problems.
The studies have also shown that women with wider hips have smarter children, due to the excess of Omega 3 fats that are stored in the butt and are helping the brain development.
Konstantinos Manolopoulos is a professor who leads the team at the University of Oxford. He says that women with more fat on the buttocks tend to have reduced cholesterol levels and glucose.
Also, women with bigger butts have more leptin and dinopectina. Leptin is a hormone that aids the regulation of weight, while dinopectina combats diarrhea and stomach problems.
The adipose tissue in the butt also traps fatty particles and maintains your heart health.
Finally, a study at the Universities of Pittsburgh and California shows that women with bigger butts have a longer lifespan as well.
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