Feng Shui Rule Do Not Store Anything Under The Bed, Except One Thing!

Feng Shui recommends not storing things under your bed. There are two reasons for this: first is the principle of proximity, which says that the closer something is to you the stronger its effect will be. The second reason is the principle of duration, meaning the longer you are exposed to an item’s influence, the stronger its effect will be.
People spend a great time of their life in bed. Keep these two factors in mind because they mean that anything close to you while sleeping will have a strong effect on you, either symbolically or physically.
If you store things under your bed, think about all what is down there and its symbolic energy, especially if you haven’t been sleeping well recently.

Things that shouldn’t be stored under your bed:

The reason for not keeping shoes under your bed is that you may not fall asleep, even when feeling too much tired. You may never feel well rested, no matter how many hours you’ve slept.
Exercise gear, workout clothes, and sports equipment
These items are less relaxing. Tennis rackets can bring a competitive, hostile energy into your romantic relationships. Store your exercise or sports equipment in another place.
Books or work/school papers
They can have an intellectually stimulating effect. If you want to have a good night rest, make sure you won’t sleep on top of lot of information.
Guns and knives  
You don’t need these in your house at all. This violence is not helpful if you want a good night rest.

Items you can keep under your bed:

Placing a mirror face up under the bed is an insomnia cure recommended by Feng Shui. The mirror reflects the bed “downward” thus drawing into a deep, relaxing sleep.
“Super” man action figure
It could provide protection and security to children frightened of imaginary monsters under the bed.
A treasure box
It is also known as a miracle box or wish box. Actually, it is a tool for setting intention and opening your unconscious to the possibilities of those intentions being made manifest.
Place objects that represent your happy feelings in the box:

  • Place something stretchy in the box if you want to attain more flexibility.
  • Put some dollar bills if you want to earn more money. Avoid putting spare change because you might end up with it.
  • Bring harmony to your life by putting items with rainbows because it represents the harmony of all colors.
  • Fragrances, candles, or massage creams should be placed into the box if you want more sensuality in your life.
  • If you lack energy in your life, place a rechargeable battery in the box.
  • For more peace, add an object that represents your individual meditation practice.

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