How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

Mice cause many problems and leave urine, feces, and lice wherever they go. Moreover, they can spread diseases. They can be found in both countryside and the city. Nobody likes them in their house because they damage the furniture, the clothes, eat the cables and food. Moreover, they scare us and carry diseases which can be transferred to humans. Another problem is that they multiply very fast.
The process of mice extermination consists of two steps. First, you need to shut the holes and cracks which mice use as a way out. Next, eliminate mice that are trapped inside the hole.
There is a way to eliminate mice in a natural way with the methods described below.
You can remove mice from your house by using two methods: rat bait or a trap. Many people don’t like these methods because of the bad smell from dead mice after they hide in the hole.
Method Number 1
Soft drinks can be used for killing mice. Being unable to burp, mice die.
You can use this method by taking one dish and pour some soft drink in it. Then, place the dish in the part of the house where mice usually appear. Leave the dish there during the night and you will be surprised by the dead mice in the morning.
Method Number 2
Combine equal amounts of dry Plaster of Paris, flour and a tablespoon of salt. Put the mixture in a disposable dish and put it near the entrance of the house. Also, place a bowl of water near the dish because the mice feel thirsty after eating the dry mixture. Mice die after drinking the water because the mixture hardens.
Method Number 3
Chocolate powder is excellent bait because it attracts mice. Mix some plaster powder with chocolate powder in a bowl and put it outside your house. Keep a bowl of water near the mixture. Just like in the previous method, when mice drink water, the mixture expands in the body and the mice die.
Method Number 4
Having a cat or a dog is the best way to scare and eliminate rodents around the house. Also, cats are known as the best hunters of rats.
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