How To Use a Pencil to Fix Your Zipper Problems Once and For All!

Useful, Cheap and Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Clothes and Footwear

1. Graphite pencil for treating zip problems
When your zipper won’t zip up, zip it up as far as it will go. Then, take your pencil and scribble all over the metal zip. If the teeth in the zip won’t clinch together, rub it with the pencil to smooth out the teeth and make it function again.
2. Lemon juice and baking soda for removing sweat marks
Lemon juice and baking soda are ingredients that every person should have at home because of their benefits. They are excellent for eliminating those unpleasant underarm sweat marks. In a small container apply the squeezed lemon juice and then add an equal quantity of water. Apply it on the stain with a clean cloth and see how the mark disappears.
Also, you can mix water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and prepare a paste. Apply this paste to the stain using a small brush or a cloth and let it sit for an hour before washing as usual.
3.Take care of your wollens by putting them in the fridge
This is an old way of avoiding tangles on woolen clothes. Put your item in an air-tight zip bag and place it in the fridge for 3-4 hours before putting it on. Also, storing sweaters in the fridge during the winter protects in from moths as well.
4. Use a tissue to wipe static away
The static electricity built up in your clothes is caused by drying and friction. You can deal with it by using a standard, unscented tissue and using it to wipe around the areas where you usually experience static.
5. Smooth look with hair straightener
If you don’t have enough time for ironing, use your hair straightener. They quickly heat up and effectively get rid of creasing. Also, the hair straightener gets to the difficult bits that irons can’t reach, such as between buttons or collars.
Before using the hair straightener, make sure your clothes are clean of hair and product residue. Also, use it on low heat so your clothes won’t get damaged.
6. Remove foundation marks with foam
Women often deal with foundation stains around the inside of collars. Using the make-up remover can make this problem worse. Instead going to the dry cleaning and pay too much money, try a simple solution with shaving foam. If the make-up is oil free, rub a little alcohol on the stain before applying the foam. If the make-up includes oil, dab with washing up liquid and then apply the foam.
7. Cool trick to make your shoes comfortable
If you don’t feel comfortable in your shoes, try this: take a sealable food or freezer bag. Then, fill it 25% full and place it inside the shoes. Then, put the shoes in the freezer.
When the water freezes, it will stretch the walls of the shoes. If the shoe material can’t get wet, wet the shoes before freezing. Remove the bags when taking the shoes from the freezer and if they are not comfortable again, repeat the procedure.
8. Use white wine to remove red wine stain
Apply white wine on a red wine stain to counter act it. Do not subject the stain to heat because it will set the stain for good. If the stain is still fresh, dab it with a clean cloth, apply white wine and let it dry before washing.
If the stain has dried, apply white wine and cover with a paste made of baking soda and a few drops of water. Let it sit for a few hours, keep the area moist and at the end wash as usual.
9. A nice way to use your old magazines
Don’t throw your knee length boots in the back of your wardrobe because they can crease and crack. So, you can push down rolled up magazines inside the boots in order to keep their shape. Also, don’t forget to apply leather conditioner and water proofing or wax to your boots.
10. Prevent blisters from new shoes
If you have just bought shoes but you are afraid of getting blisters, lubricate the part of the foot that is affected and it will reduce rubbing which causes friction. You can use a gel deodorant.
11. How to soften your leather clothes?
Leather will wrinkle and crack if not lubricated. Don’t wonder if your leather items shrunk after drenching them in the washer and spin them dry. In order to soften your leather jacket, wear it in the rain. Take a walk during a mild to moderate shower. Keep the jacket until it’s fully dry.
12. Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain
Here is one good method for removing lipstick stain. Spray hairspray soon after getting the stain because it can stay on there. After applying the spray, let it sit for 15 minutes. The spray chemicals will loosen the lipstick and after 15 minutes dab the area with clean cloth that is slightly damp. The stain will transfer magically onto the cloth.
13. Do this if your flats are a little tight
If your flat shoes are a little tight, put several pairs of socks on and put on your flats. Take the hairdryer and direct the heat on the shoe parts that make you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, stretch your toes. 2-3 minutes are enough. Wear the shoes until they cool and then try them again wearing normal socks. Repeat the process if the flats are still tight.
14. Use nail varnish to repair your spectacles
The little screws in the glasses that hold the arm onto the front frame can get loose after some period. Clear nail varnish can serve as an adhesive and strengthener. Just a small amount of coating on the affected area is enough.
14. Use razor to remove fuzz on clothes
Nobody wants fuzz and bobbling on their sweaters because it makes them look scuffy and tired. Luckily, a cheap, old razor can solve this problem. Place the garment on a flat surface and carefully shave off the fuzz and bobbling.
15. Detergent and baking soda for white trainer soles
Now you can easily remove stains and scuff marks from white rubber soles. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of liquid detergent. When you get a smooth paste, apply it on a small brush and gently brush the marked area. Then, wash with warm water and let it dry naturally.
16. Stop the indigo dye into your wash
White distilled vinegar aids in stopping the indigo dye in the denim.
Soak your new jeans overnight in cold water to which a cup of vinegar is added. Keep washing your jeans separately on a cool wash, with a cup of vinegar added. Do this until you are certain the bleeding has stopped.
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