What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How many times have you been annoyed by your mother’s actions, promising to yourself, you will never be a mother like her? Well, the type of mother you are going to be does not depend fully on you, but there is something written in the stars as well.
According to the stars, there are certain rules that define every woman’s qualities about the type of mother she will become. Discover what type of mother you will be according to your Zodiac sign:


Advantages: confidence, strength, fearless
Weakness: competitiveness, obsessiveness, anger
The Aries moms are true warriors, so they approach everything in life as if going into battle. They can handle any situation by believing in themselves. The only shock for them is having a small human that completely depends on them. Always thinking of themselves first, so when being mothers they need a little bit of adjustment.


Advantages: rational, hard-working
Weakness: materialism, mood swings, vanity
These moms are created for hard-work and pleasure. They first take care of everything, and then the fun follows. They are traditional, but also adventurous, so you may make your kid study on Sundays, but also let him ride a bike when he is 12. You try to be your kids’ best friend. There are no problems, until they embarrass you.


Advantages: curious, youthful, creative, open-minded
Weakness: contradictory, impatient, wants to lecture
Gemini moms are never boring. Your family always wonders what is going on in your head because you make everything possible. For example, you can decide that raising a kid in his first months on a boat is an excellent possibility. You are the most eccentric mother from all the zodiac signs.


Advantages: emotional, dedicated
Weakness: overprotective, mood swings, jealous, fearful
You are a true mother! It is in your blood since you were a little girl and you were playing with your dolls. Delivering a child at home and long breastfeeding are things that please you. Family is the most important thing for you and usually you create a strong bond with your children that lasts forever. Anyway, sometimes you can be a snob, but once you let someone in your life, it lasts forever.


Advantages: a born leader, creative, self-confident
Weakness: narcissistic, energetic, drama queen
Leo moms are always noticed, no matter where they are, and motherhood is something you completely throw yourself into. You always try to be there for your kid and to turn him into a successful person who will do great things. Sometimes, you may expect too much from your children and push them hard. Nothing can get on your way when setting a goal. You want to spoil them with amazing gifts because they are your pride and joy.


Advantages: organized, common sense, intelligent
Weakness: judgmental, caring, over analytical
These moms are a mixture of opposites. For some of them, motherhood is a piece of cake, while for some it needs adjustments. Despite your busy schedule, you always thing too much and want everything to be perfect, while sometimes you know how to relax. Try not to go too far, because no matter how much you try to reach perfectionism, real mothers are just ordinary women from this planet.


Advantages: patient, fair
Weakness: vain, inconsistent, snobbish
If you become a mother, you will reach the balance in life you are trying to find so hard. Then everything starts to make sense. Deep down, you feel extremely happy when having someone to live for, and that is your children. You enjoy all the delights motherhood has to offer.


Advantages:  strong, intuitive
Weakness: controlling, obsessive
Everything is great while Scorpio moms are in the mood, but when they are not, everyone tries to go out of their way, including their kids. You are over-protective and you quickly adjust to your role as a mother. You will give everything for your kid to have a safe future, so you can work hard and earn for his studies even before he was born.


Advantages: adventurous, clever, funny
Weakness: unorganized, impatient, blunt
Motherhood is a real adventure for you. This can be a real shock for you because being an authority for someone looks impossible. You need to give a priority to others’ needs and adjust to a new situation. It is true that Freedom is your middle name, but also it is important to include your children in almost everything you do, because after all, they want to be with their mommy.


Advantages: organized, traditional, patient
Weakness: anxious, pessimist, doubtful, overly cautious
Order and discipline is in your blood, so you may act more like a father than a mother. You want to teach your children everything they are supposed to know. You want them be close to you, but not like best friends. You are not expressing emotions through being gentle, but through actions. You are the one that holds the strings when taking care of your children. However, you need to take it slow at times.


Advantages: out-going, cheerful, creative
Weakness: dramatic, has boundaries, turbulent
There are no rules for you. You feel the best in your creative chaos and people are never bored with you. You see life as a big adventure and you want your children to feel the magic of this journey. “Expect the unexpected” is what describes you the most. You are not the type of person who attaches too much, but your bond with your child is extremely compelling for you. Motherhood has revealed a new, extraordinarily beautiful world for you. However, make sure you stay the same as before and continue doing the same after becoming a mother.


Advantages: caring, creative, dedicated
Weakness: manipulative, inconsistent
You are funny, emotional, and clever and see yourself as a goddess. Anyway, you are always here for your children and you are always ready for an adventure. However, you can be inconsistent and sometimes you can intimidate your children as they get older with some incompatible actions. You may have problems with feeding the baby and getting him to sleep because you hate someone ordering you what to do. You child will always know that you are his biggest support and that you are ready to give everything just to see him happy.

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