She Slept with a Snake, and Then the Vet Told Her Something Shocking…

She slept with a snake, and then the vet told her something shocking
An Indian woman lived with a 4-meter long python. When her unusual pet stopped eating for a few weeks, the woman took it to a veterinarian.
The veterinarian asked the woman if the snake sleeps with her every night and wrap around her closely.
Her answer was positive and added that she feels very sad because she could not help the python feel better.
Then, she heard the most unexpected answer from the veterinarian: “Your pet is not sick, it is just preparing to eat you.” The reason why the python hugs you and wraps around your body is because it is checking your size in order to measure the weight of its meal. This way it is preparing for its meal before attack. The python is not eating because it makes enough space to digest her more easily.
Maybe you can learn something from this real story – Mean intentions can come even from people who are close to you, people who kiss and hug you.
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