The Shocking Truth about Almond Milk! What Are They Selling Us in the Supermarkets?

Dairy products, which are mass-produced, cause mucus and represent nothing but disease-fueling cocktail. Many people consider almond milk a perfect replacement.
However, you will know you are wrong after reading the way commercial almond milks are made.

The Shocking Truth about Almond Milk. What Are They Selling Us in the Supermarkets
According to an industry insider most almond milks have very little actual almonds and they also contain carrageenan used to thicken the drink, and may cause digestive problems.

How many almonds are in almond milk? 
Almond milk does not include the harmful combination of antibiotics, growth hormones, and the health hazards of factory farming, but it presents very little of a real nutritional value.
A gallon carton of almond milk contains hardly a handful of almonds. An analysis of UK almond milk brand showed that almonds compose 2% of the whole drink. However, other brands in the world are not better than this, too.
If only 2% of almond milk is almonds, that the drink should be called “colored water with a hint of almond”. At least, almond milk does not have any of the side effects of mass-produced dairy products.
Almonds are an excellent vegetarian source of proteins, but if almond milk does not include almonds, it is just a false impression of a healthy drink full with synthetic vitamins the body cannot process easily.
A cup of almond milk has 1 gram of protein and 2.5 grams of healthy fat.
If you want to get the same nutritional value from almond milk you would have to drink almost a carton instead of one cup.
Actually, mass produced almond milk needs a name that has bigger worth than its ingredients: multivitamin water with illusions of grandeur.
Where to get real almond milk?
You can find real almond milk in local artisanal smoothie bars, health food stores and raw food stores that make their own almond milk.
Also, if you have the right kitchen devices, such as blender, you can make your own almond milk at home.
The standard almond milk recipe is one cup of almonds per half gallon.

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