This Is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your Personality

The sweet and cold taste of ice-cream makes it one of the most favored desserts, not only in summer. There are too many flavors you can choose out there and what is your favorite? Surprisingly, do you know that your favorite ice-cream flavor can tell a lot about your personality?
Mint-chocolate chip ice-cream
Not everyone loves this ice-cream flavor. People who like it are often described as ambitious, stubborn, skeptics and confident. These people focus on their future, and are always making future plans.
Caramel ice-cream
Caramel ice-cream lovers want to spend their time with yoga or meditation. Your occupation needs to be exciting in order to keep you interested. People can be intimidated by you, but also find you very sweet and caring.
Bubble gum ice-cream
If this is your favorite ice cream, you are the kid in the family that likes to be troublesome. However, you have an innocent heart.
Cookie dough ice-cream
You are an adventurous person and a free spirit. You wish to have a motorcycle and travel the world. You are an optimist, so you always see the bright side of things, even when things going on around you are not as you like them.
Coffee ice-cream
Because you are an introvert person, you like to be on your own most of the time. Anyway, there are times when you like to have a long walk or meet up with old friends.
Strawberry ice-cream  
You are shy and reserved, so you always choose to follow the leaders. Moreover, you are always loyal to your friends and family and prefer not to be centre of attention. Also, a positive trait you possess is that you are logical and considerate, always checking all the options before bringing a decision.
Pistachio ice-cream
Smart, creative, innovative. Also, these people are always interested in creating something new.
Mocha chip ice-cream
You may seem reserved at first sight, but you have a strong and unique personality. You are a talented person without any bounds. Also, you easily attract people that think like you.
Rocky road ice-cream
You are a person who is crafty and full with ideas. You love working on DIY projects you find online.
Vanilla ice-cream
Loving this old and sweet taste does not make you boring. You have an energetic personality and you love taking risks. You would rather rely on your intuition than on logics. You strive for achieving your goals. In relationships you look for stability and security.

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