You Store Eggs On the Racks In The Fridge Door? – Don’t! Here’s Why!

Fridges have different compartments that have different purposes, but also they have different temperature zones. If you’re storing things in the wrong place, you’re not taking advantage of your refrigerator.
Food needs to be kept at cold temperatures in order to prevent bacteria growth and other microbes that make food spoil and even make people sick.
The process of rotting of the vegetables can be increased if you put plums, peaches, and pears near them. The reason is releasing gases which rotten the vegetables.
Try to remember these tips if you want your food to be fresh for a longer period. Just putting them in the fridge is not enough. The place where you keep your food in the fridge is very important and you should pay more attention on the breakable ones.
0-4 degrees temperature in the fridge is the best for preventing bacteria spreading.
In the upper part of the fridge should be kept the leftovers, drinks, fresh spices and victuals ready to use every time because the temperature in this part is the most stable.
Products with natural preservatives should be kept on the door of the fridge because it is the “warmest” part.
Milk products and eggs should never be placed on the door, although many fridges have predicted place for eggs on their door. Anyway, don’t follow those steps.
Juice and mayonnaise can be placed on the door instead. Eggs and milk products can be kept on the lower shelves because they are the coldest.
Avoid putting bread in the fridge and make sure there is enough space in the fridge for air drift.
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