10 Self-Massages Tricks that Will Help You Get Rid of Soreness and Tension in Seconds

Everyone enjoys massages, but not everyone has the money or time for it. However, you can do it yourself at home and feel amazing afterwards.
In this article you can read about 11 simple self-massages that can be performed at home. Some of these massages can be done using your hands only; while for the others you will need a tennis ball or a foam roller.
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This self-massage is very simple because you can perform it under the desk without interrupting other tasks you are already doing.
You can use a tennis ball or a spiked ball.

  • Step on the ball barefoot or wearing a sock and roll the ball back and forth from heel to toe, using a firm pressure.
  • The knots in the feet that are especially painful will be worked out by rolling the ball in small circles.

Moreover, if you think you need more pressure, stand up and do this self-massage.
2. If having pain in the neck and shoulders
Using your hands when massaging your shoulder or neck can cause more tension. You should try this instead:
Standing against the wall, place a tennis ball between the wall and your shoulder. Then, raise your arm above the head and move your head from side to side. Also, you can place the ball in different positions along the neck and shoulders.
3. Relax with a head massage
This self-massage will help you if you have a headache. You can do it by drawing circles with your fingertips at your temples. Increase the pressure of the circles when moving toward the scalp.
4. Get rid of the back pain
In the mid-back the muscles are tight and get sore when slouching.
Perform this massage laying face up with feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor. You will need a foam roller on the mid-back, beneath the shoulder blades. Move your body toward and away from the feet.
5. If having pain in your legs after walking or running
People who walk or run a lot experience tightness in the IT band, which is a tissue from the side of the hip to the knee.
Lie on your side and place the foam roller under the hip. Support yourself with your hands and slowly roll down from the hip to the knee.
6. Soreness in forearms
If you type all day on the computer or doing manual job, this massage will help you a lot.
Hold the arm out, palm up and using the opposite hand press the arm under the elbow. Toss arm within you grip so the palm faces the ground. Do this all down the arm until getting to the wrist.
7. Lower back pain during the menstrual cycle
Lie on the floor, bend your legs and place the feet firmly on the ground. Put 2 tennis balls under your lower back. Raise and lower your hips, massaging the sore area with the tennis balls.
8. Neck and head tension
Poor posture, including craning the neck while texting or pushing the head forward when bending at a desk can lead to tension in your neck and head.
Lie on your back and bend your knees. Place a tennis ball in both of your hands, between the thumb and forefinger. Put your hands behind the hand and the tennis balls on the either side of the base of the skull.
Move your head from side to side, then tucking and lifting the chin.
9. Tension in the butt from sitting
Sit on the ground and bend your knees. Place your hands on the ground behind you and put a tennis ball under the butt cheek.
Lift the leg from the ground and roll around on the ball. Work more on the area that you feel sore. Do the same on the other side.
10. Sore knees from sitting all day
This massage will relax the bound connective tissue fibers, known as knots. These knots are created when your knees are bent for too long.
Sit and unbend your leg. Let it rest so the muscles in the quad are soft. Press the painful area with a fingertip or a knuckle and massage for 10 seconds.
Then, bend and straighten the knee two times. Repeat the whole procedure 2-3 times for each place that feels sore.

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