Effective Folk Remedy for Removing Pus from Wounds and Treating Wound Infection

Festering is a condition where yellow/white pus creates in a wound because of bacterial infection. Many home remedies can be helpful in drying these wounds and in removing the pus.

This can happen on any part of the body. If the wound is properly attended, pus develops because of bacteria. Bacteria infects the wound and makes it worse, increasing the amount of time it needs to heal. The wound needs to be properly cleaned and always stay covered, so that bacteria cannot attack it.
Here is one folk remedy that will help you remove pus out of a wound.

To prepare the remedy, you will need:
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 1 tablespoon of flour
– 1 egg yolk

Mix well the ingredients and put the mixture in the fridge.
Apply the mixture right on the affected place. Then, cover it with a napkin or a toilet paper.
Change the napkin every 3 hours, and clean the wound before covering it again.
Leave it overnight, without changing it. The next day, without causing any pain, the pus starts to come out.
Honey is great for curing festering. Also, you can use only honey by applying it directly on the wound, or you can just consume it. Honey is a natural treatment for many kinds of ailments because it includes many powerful antioxidants.

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