Get Rid of Couperose Naturally with This Amazing Homemade Remedy

The cheek redness and the inflammatory disease of the skin is known as Couperose. Heredity, excessive dilation of skin vessels, endocrine disorders, various gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, irritable bowel, transit disorders, vitamin deficiency and certain infections are the causes of this disease.
Couperose is triggered by the cold season, temperature drop, sun exposure, etc. Moreover, it is triggered when drinking alcohol, hot beverages and eating spicy food. People with lighter skin are more exposed to this condition.
Here is one natural recipe for preparing a mask that will help you get rid of couperose.
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5 lettuce leaves
 8 basil leaves
– Half of a cucumber
– Half a cup of chamomile tea
How to prepare this natural mask:
Start with cutting the cucumber in small pieces. Using your hands, chop the lettuce and basil leaves. If you use a knife, the leaves will oxidize.
Using a mixer, mix the cucumber pieces with the salad, basil leaves and the chamomile tea. Stir the mixture in order to eliminate the liquid.
Put the mixture in a recipient and add the flour. Mix till you get a paste.
Apply the mask on a clean face. Avoid the eyes and the lips. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water. You can use this homemade mask 1-2 times weekly.
Why are these ingredients good for the skin?
Salad and basil leaves relieve and soothe irritated skin. Cucumber reduces the redness of the skin and moisturizes it. Chamomile tea is known for having calming effects and also is a great skin tone. The flour is used in order to make the mixture thicker.
If you want, you can keep the liquid and use it as a toner. It is also natural and will make your skin beautiful.
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