Get Rid of Kidney Stones without Drugs and Remedies: This is What You Have to Do! It Couldn't Be Easier!

People suffering from kidney stones say that pain is even worse than childbirth.
However, there is a new way to deal with small kidney stones at least.
Instead taking medications or going under treatments, regular sex may be a more successful solution. According to some Turkish doctors, men who have intercourse 3-4 times weekly are more likely to eliminate a kidney stone than those who don’t.
Many people experience kidney stones, though many are small and will pass out of the body unnoticed. The kidney stones are formed from minerals, including calcium, oxalate and uric acid, and they can be up to 4-5 cm or even bigger.
New Cure for Kidney Stones: Do It 3 Times This Week and Get Rid of Them
A study from the Department of Urology in a hospital in Ankara included 75 participants who were divided into three groups.
Participants from the first group were instructed to have sex at least 3-4 times weekly.
The second group was prescribed tamsulosin, a drug which is given to men with enlarged prostates to aid them in urinating easily.
The third group got the usual kidney stones medical treatment.
Two weeks later the results were clear. Of 31 men who had regular sex, 26 got rid of their kidney stones.
Only half of the participants in the second group, and 8 of the 23 men from the third group passed their kidneys successfully.
Sex or being aroused can help because nitric acid is produced. This relaxes the ureter, which is the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder. This way stones pass more easily. Additionally, male orgasm may relax the ureter muscles.
The researchers advice people with smaller stones than 6mm and a sexual partner to have sexual intercourse 3-4 times weekly in order to eliminate stones from the kidneys.
Larger stones can get stuck in the ureter or lodge in the kidneys and trigger infection. These stones are more common in men, probably because physical work makes them prone to dehydration, reducing the water content of urine and increasing the mineral concentration.
People who consume many proteins and lots of meat are at greater risk of developing kidney stones. This happens because animal protein increases levels of uric acid.
Some treatments include muscle relaxants to make it easier for small stones to pass. Also, doctors try to crush smaller, 1-2cm stones with shockwaves administered through the skin.
Patients with stones larger than around 2cm need to have a surgery under general anaesthetic.
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