Heal Broken Bones and Bruises Faster With This Natural Remedy

Comfrey is an herb that has been very popular in traditional medicine. Also, it is known as knit-bone because of its ability to heal when used topically.
Allantoin is a chemical ingredient in comfrey and it has amazing anti-inflammatory characteristics. Moreover, it helps the healing of wounds and stimulates cell growth.
However, because this herb should not be consumed internally, and in some countries it is forbidden to be prepared as a tea or applied to broken skin, you can decrease swelling and encourage healing by making a poultice of its leaves.
Scientists claim using comfrey as a remedy can heal broken bones 5 times faster.
Heal Broken Bones and Bruises Faster With This Natural Remedy
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First recipe:
Chop 100 grams of comfrey root into small pieces and then place it into a bowl. After you boil 1 liter or milk, pour it over the chopped comfrey. Next, let the mixture on medium heat for 20 minutes. When the solution is cooked, leave it for 6 hours and strain it.
Then, soak a cotton towel in the mixture and place it on the affected area. Change the cotton towel every 4 hours for the first 6 treatments. Afterwards, you can change it occasionally.
Second recipe:
Chop 4 tablespoons of comfrey root and mix it with some boiling milk in a small bowl. Put the bowl on medium heat and let it simmer till you get nice mixture.
Then, apply the mixture on a towel and place it on the affected area. Try not to tight the towel too much because you can stop the blood flow. Change the towel with the mixture every four hours.
Third recipe:
Grind the comfrey leaves and then place the resulted mixture on the broken bone. Secure the mixture on the affected area with a nylon wrap.
A Recipe for Healing Wounds, Bruises and Swelling Faster
Get rid of these problems successfully with comfrey tincture. You just need to combine 1 tablespoon of comfrey tincture and 1 dl of boiling water. Then, apply it on the affected area.
Where can you find comfrey?
This herb usually grows in moisturized soil and you can find it along streams or in wet meadows. You can pick comfrey in spring or at the start of autumn. Then, you need to dry it exposed to sunlight or on the needed temperature.
After picking the herb, you can plant it in your garden. It is important the soil to be moist enough.

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