Meet the Phenomenal Herb that Successfully Destroys Escherichia Coli, Candida and Other Bacteria

Yellow gentian is the most powerful natural remedy for cleansing the blood and improving blood counts (all blood components). It encourages the work of the intestine, removes flatulence and gases, and helps to treat helicobacter, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, stomach, and ulcerative colitis. Yellow gentian is a friend of the liver and bile, and it also reduces fat in the blood.  It is recommended for people with fatty liver, and people with hepatitis A, B and C.

Treatment for Destroying Escherichia coli, Candida and Other Bacteria

For this treatment, except for yellow gentian, we will also need the following herbs:
– Yarrow
– St. John’s Wort
– Agrimony
– White birch
– Horse tail
– Wall germander 
Each herb with its remarkable health benefits, contributes to the amazing effect of this drink that permanently kills bacteria such as, Escherichia coli and Candida. 
This treatment consists of 3 parts: Tincture, Medical Wine, and Mix of Teas.
Complete each treatment before you move on to the next.
1. Tincture: In 1 liter of strong homemade brandy put: 30 grams yellow gentian root, 30 grams of yarrow, 15 grams of sage, 15 grams St. John’s Wort, and 15 grams of agrimony. It should sit at room temperature for 10 day. Drink 10 or 15 grams, three times a day before meals.
2. Medical Wine: In 1 liter of homemade white wine put: 2 tablespoons yarrow, and two peeled garlic cloves. It should sit in a warm place for 10 days. Strain it and drink 50-70 ml, 3 times a day, half an hour before meals.
3. Mix of Teas: In 1.5 liter of boiling water put 1 tablespoon of: yarrow, white birch, horse tail, and wall germander. It should sit for 2 hours, then strain it and drink throughout the day instead of water.It is recommended to drink up to 3 liters per day for 2 weeks of this blend of teas for the bacteria to be excreted through the urine.

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