Easy DIY Natural Remedy for Sagging – Drooping Eyelids

Having sagging eyelids is very disheartening. The fact that you cannot conceal the protruding skin with makeup makes the situation worse.

Sagging eyelids do not actually hurt, however they bruise our self-esteem. Our confidence hits an all-time low when our eyelids droop to the point that we cannot look at ourselves in the mirror.

Despite the condition being very common, little is known about natural or homemade remedies to rectify it. Fortunate for you, there is an easy and inexpensive way of solving the problem of drooping eyes. You will be shocked to learn that the solution has been infront of you this whole time.

Why you need to get rid of those sagging eyelids

Hooded eyes are associated with being old or tired. Getting rid of those sagging meat pockets will actually improve your facial features and boost your confidence.

As a result, you will feel more attractive and rejuvenated. And it is not just an issue of physical appearance. The muscles of the eyes may also strain from the weight of the drooped eyelids.

Furthermore, it is hard to put on makeup on sagged eyelids. The excess skin covers the crease of the eyelid making it invisible. Even if you apply an eyeliner or eye shadow, it will not be visible.

Drooping Eyelids or Hooded Eyes

Drooping eyelids occur when skin loses elasticity and sags downwards over the crease of the eyelid. It is more rampant in old people, however it also affects the young and middle aged. It is progressive in old age and worsens over time. In young and middle aged people, it is mostly constant.

Not all drooped eyelids are developed by aging or skin losing its elasticity. Some people are actually born with skin covering a section of their eyelids. This condition is referred to as hooded eyes. It is not fatal and actually looks good, if you are born with it. So many famous people have hooded eyes, including Lucy Liu and Blake Lively.

What Causes Sagging Eyelids

When the body gets old, the skin loses elasticity, including in the eye region. The skin therefore loses its firmness and is unable to firmly hold the skin above the eye. Drooping eyelids could also indicate a serious underlying health problem, such as thyroid dysfunction and high oxidative stress. Poor lifestyle choices like smoking could also be a factor. It may also be a sign of fatigue.

Medical Treatments

Since the condition is not fatal, not much has been done to treat the condition. Currently, there are only three medical cures for drooping eyelids: blepharoplasty (cosmetic surgery), chemical filler injections and thermage.

The Natural Remedy

The only ingredient you need is an egg. The egg whites have properties that tighten your skin. This is what we are going to use. Depending on a person, results may be spontaneous after few minutes of application or they may take some more time. The effects may even last for several days.


  1. Crack an egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. You are going to use the egg white only.
  2. Ensure your eyelids are dry and free from makeup.
  3. Dip a cotton swab into the egg white, but ensure that it does not drip.
  4. Using the cotton swab, apply the egg white on the crease of your eyelids. Ensure your eyelids are fully closed when applying the treatment.
  5. Your eyelids should remain closed until the egg white is fully dry. Do not worry, the process is quite fast and may take only few minutes.

The process is that simple. All you have to do now is wait for the results.You may take before and after photos to know if the treatment really works for you and share it to your friends and loved ones, so that they can join in on the fun. You should understand however that this treatment is not permanent and the effects may wear off after a few days.

Continue applying it to enjoy the results. Another fact you should be aware of is that the treatment only works when you find the right spot. If you apply it for the first time and do not see results, then reapply it a bit higher or a little lower. Once you get the right spot, stick to that area. Good luck.

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