The Best Natural Cure for Ulcer, Gastritis and Colon Inflammation

Here is one effective and proven recipe.
If having problems due to stomach acids and poor digestion, including stomach gastritis or colon inflammation, this is the folk recipe you have to follow.

Aside from its capacity to soothe issues with the digestive tract, this recipe is rich in vitamin C, which is excellent for your immune system, and boosts your metabolism.

Squeeze 100-150 ml of cabbage juice every morning.
In the next two hours drink this juice on an empty stomach and do not consume anything else.
The results and effects are great once the therapy finishes after 40 days. Also, if needed, you can continue with the therapy.

Moreover, if not having a juicer, you can slice the cabbage or ground it, add some salt and leave it sit a while. After, strain the sliced cabbage through double gauze and keep the juice.
Along with the already mentioned benefits, cabbage juice may have a positive effect on the blood picture, reduce the cholesterol level and the blood pressure, cleaning the skin and rid you of extra weight.
Glutamine is a strong anti-inflammatory agent included in cabbage, so eating this vegetable lowers the effects of many types of inflammation, irritation, allergies, joint pain, fever, and various skin disorders.
Cabbage has high biological and low calorie value (24kcal in 100g). This vegetable contains 92,52% water; 1,21% proteins, 0,18% fats and 2,3% dietary fibers.
The most common are vitamin C and beta carotene, and then the minerals follow: potassium, iron, magnesium, sulfur and copper.

It includes small amount of sodium and the favorable relationship of calcium and phosphorus promise maximal use of calcium by the body.

One of the most important health benefit of cabbage it its potent antioxidant quality. This means that cabbage and other vegetables similar to it hunt free radicals from the body, which can be very dangerous for the overall health and are great contributors to cancer and heart diseases.

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