Bottled Water Exposed: A List Of Brands To Avoid Revealed By Experts

Fluoride was added to tap water in 1945. The purpose was to improve the dental health of people. Fluoride is also present in many types of toothpaste, but according to many studies, the chemical can be harmful. It can affect the cognitive development in children and cause fluorosis, which is a condition that forms irregularities in the tooth’s surface.
Logically, now you believe that bottled water is the safest option, but it is not the case. Some bottled water brands could include fluoride and are not that pure as we believe. In addition, it has been shown that people who drink water with fluoride are more prone to thyroid problems.
Avoid buying these brands of bottled water because they have fluoride:
Alhambra, Sierra Springs, Sparkletts, Arrowhead, Mount Olympus, Belmont Springs, Poland Spring, Crystal Rock, Crystal Springs, Shenandoah, Deer Park, Diamond Springs, Nursery Water, Hindley Spri, Ice Mountain, Kandiyohi, Puritan Springs, Kentwood Springs, Mayer Bros., Ozarka, Pure Flo, and Zephyrhills.
These are water bottle brands that do not contain fluoride:
Aquafina, Crystal Point, Dannon, Deja Blue, Evian, Fresh Market, Great Value, Smart Water, Summit Mountains, and Summit Springs.

Facts you need to know about bottled water

The price of bottled water
The consumption of bottled water and its sale has increased nearly 350% since 1991. Moreover, the plastic bottles from the water bought throughout one week could circle the globe five times. This fact should concern humanity about the ecological damage.
Bottled water has dangerous chemicals in it
Lots of oil is needed to make plastic bottles. Actually, the oil used for the bottles production can fuel nearly one million cars and light tracks for a whole year.
In addition, there is a German study that showed endocrine disrupting chemicals in 18 well known brand bottled water products. These chemicals can negatively affect development and reproduction. Also, endocrine disrupting chemicals can negatively affect the hormone system and lead to cancerous tumors, birth defects, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.
Bottled water can be worse than tap water
For example, after conducting a test on the Fiji Water brand in a city in Cleveland, it was discovered that this water had arsenic, while the tap water in the city hadn’t.
The reason that makes all of this possible is that the manufacturers of bottled water do not need to reveal information like municipal water utilities because of federal oversight authority gaps.

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