Do You Want Your Coffee Strong and Black? It Says Something Very Important About You…

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new research has shown that people who prefer strong and black coffee are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. However, don’t take this statement seriously, although it is interesting.
This research was conducted at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and showed that people enjoying bitter flavors over sweet flavors were more likely to show signs of Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcissism, and everyday sadism.
The participants in this research rate on a scale how much they enjoyed food and drinks that are either sweet, sour, bitter, or salty. The results were compared to those gained from four different types of personality tests.
Experts found a considerable correlation between those displaying more antisocial personality characteristics and those with a desire for strong bitter tastes of coffee, beer, tonic water and radishes.
The way you have your coffee may be an accurate reflection of how much you like bitter flavors. If you are the type of person who likes the coffee milky and sugary, you aren’t a fan of bitterness and you can express kindness, sympathy and cooperativeness.

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The correlation of personality characteristics and taste preferences has been researched before. Previous studies showed that having a dislike for bitter flavors is related with increased emotional sensitivity in humans and rats. Other studies have shown that people who like spicy foods and caffeinated drinks are more likely to seek sensation.

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In addition, our taste preferences are highly influenced by our culture and past experiences.
Anyway, these results don’t mean that you are a psychopath if you like your coffee black.

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