He Had a Bump on His Arm for Years… You Will Be Shocked When You See What’s Inside!

We live in a world where strange things constantly happen. Some things are less surprising, while others leave us speechless. When it comes to our health, even the little things are very important. Sometimes the severity of the things that seem to be harmless can shock us.
Something unusual happened to Redditor Kylkyl.
Bump 1
Photo credit: kylkyl/imgur
He was having a bump on his arm for years but didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t feel pain until he went for a sports massage. The pain had become so agonizing that Kylkyl decided to consult a doctor.
He was taken aback when he was told that there is a piece of glass under his skin.
Bump 2
Photo credit: kylkyl/imgur
He had no idea how that bump was formed. He couldn’t remember ever been in accident or whether he had it as a baby.
Bump 3
Photo credit: kylkyl/imgur
The doctors were even more amazed and could only wonder how Kylkyl had that shard on his arm for so many years and yet had never known how it had gotten there. Kylkyl is guessing that it might have been a part of a wine glass and must have been too drunk to realize he was injured.
Weird, isn’t it?

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