The Man Who Said Goodbye to Diabetes Without Using Medicine

How much fruit and vegetables do you consume? And, is it enough?
Consuming a diet that is based on raw foods can considerably decrease blood sugar levels, and even stop insulin dependency. This type of a diet is considered to be the healthiest because heating or processing food destroys a great deal of its nutritional value. Unprocessed and uncooked food is supposed to be most desirable for the body.
After a man was diagnosed with high blood pressure, he was recommended to use plenty of oils in order to treat this health condition. Also, he was told that his pancreas was not functioning properly so he needed to take insulin on a regular basis.  When insulin is not working properly, the cells don’t obtain fuel. Then, sugar accumulates in the blood. His condition worsened after a while, which led to the development of other health issues.
That was the point when he decided to start a new chapter of his life. He bought himself a blender and decided to live on a fully-raw diet. After a short period he achieved the same results he was trying to reach when taking lots of medications. He quit taking insulin and his blood sugar levels were in control. Moreover, he started to lose some weight and feel better.
4 months later, this man felt like a new person – slimmer, healthier, and not taking any medications. As you can see, curing a disease is not only about taking medication. You have to change your habits and start taking the big picture into account!
These are the needed ingredients to prepare this man’s favorite juice:

  • A handful of kale
  • 4 bananas
  • 3 apples
  • 3 kiwis

Put all these ingredients in a bowl and pour half a liter of water over them. Let the mixture soak overnight.
Strain the drink and consume half a liter of the juice in the morning and the rest throughout the day.
Moreover, you can eat fruit salads, fresh fruits, and tuna as much as you want because they are rich in high amounts of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for our organism.
You will feel satiated because the brain will know you have had enough.
Kale, banana, apples, and kiwi have compounds that decrease inflammation in the blood vessels, control blood sugar, eliminate toxins, keep your blood cholesterol levels healthy and improve your overall health, keeping diseases away.

What food is best for diabetics?

A study has shown that people on a raw food diet had lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which means they have a low risk of heart disease. Also, this type of diet reduces body weight, blood glucose and thus the glycemic control is improved.
There are plenty of great foods diabetics can consume to become healthier: nuts and seeds, such as walnuts and flax, and dark and leafy vegetables have been proved to be the best. Diabetic patients who have started a fully-raw diet suggest consuming chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, dandelion leaves, pecans, and fenugreek leaves.
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