A Plant in Your Home Can Kill a Child in Less Than a Minute and an Adult in 15 Minutes – Photo

A woman admits she almost lost her daughter after the girl put part of a plant in her mouth. The little girl’s tongue swelled and she started to lose her breath. The plant was kept inside their house, but the family had no idea it was poisonous. They advise other people to be careful about the types of plants they bring inside their house since there are other plants with the same poisonous characteristics.
The dangerous plant’s name is Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane. The latter name refers to the effect of raphides, which can lead to a short-term incapability to speak.
It is an attractive plant with a straight stem, simple leaves with white spots and specks. Its parts and juice are poisonous and they contain calcium oxalate. It can be found in many homes and offices so pay more attention of your children when around them or throw the plant away. Give your children a safe environment where they can spend time playing.

Moreover, if you happen to touch the plant, make sure you do not touch your eyes because there is a huge possibility for you to go blind!
Now you know that this nice looking plant is harmful, but also it can be deadly.
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