Scientists Found That the Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back to the Universe

Some people believe that the human consciousness is actually a kind of a program that is run by a quantum computer. This is similar to a biological computer. What this means is that when a person dies, the soul might come back and not die.
Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who is an American physicist and Sir Roger, a mathematical physicist say that the soul is kept in the brain cells’ micro tubules. They both call this process ‘Orch-OR’ or ‘Orchestrated Objective Reduction. Thus, when humans are clinically dead, their micro-tubules in the brain begin to lose the quantum state. Nevertheless, the micro-tubules retain the information in them.

What Actually Happens to the Soul After You Die?

This theory about the soul has been outlined in Through the Wormhole, which is a documentary show about science. In this show, Dr. Hameroff says that if the blood stops flowing and the heart stops beating, the micro-tubules might lose the quantum state. It is of great importance to realize that this quantum information of the micro-tubules is not possible to be destroyed. Also, it will dissipate and it will be distributed in the universe.
Therefore, if the patient is to be revived, this information might return to the micro-tubules and this is what they mean when they refer to a near-death experience. Nevertheless, if the patient is not revived and they pass away, this information can exist outside the body, as what we call- the soul.
According to Dr. Hameroff, the human soul surpasses the mere neuron ‘interaction’ in the brain. Moreover, the theory claims that these so called souls might have existed since the beginning of time. Also, according to all recent discoveries, when it comes to dark matter and dark energy or substances that human being are not able to see, or touch, we know that they exist.
Naturally, this theory sounds like it might shed some light into all these things. However, they still remain a fascinating mystery.

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