11 Amazing Healing Powers of Onion that You Didn’t Know About (Cures Insomnia, Prevents Cancer and More)

Onion is an ancient vegetable, which has been part of the traditional cuisines all over the globe. Onions’ medicinal properties are well known too, and the science is discovering how its chemical compounds help your health.
Read some of the following ways in which onions promote human’s health:

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Onions contains sulfur compounds which are proved to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level. The mineral chromium, which is included in onion, is necessary for regulating blood sugar. The fiber, potassium, and other phytonutrients sustain the production of insulin too, the substance the body creates to regulate glucose present in the blood.

11 Amazing Healing Powers of Onion that You Didn’t Know About (Cures Insomnia, Prevents Cancer and More)
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2. Prevents cancer

The sulfur compounds we already mentioned are able to stop the growth of cancerous cell. Different studies conducted in Italy and Switzerland found that onions and garlic were especially effective against oral, esophageal, colon, rectal, laryngeal, breast, ovary, renal, and prostate cancers.

3. Dark spots on the skin

Rubbing red onion directly on dark spots on the skin after washing will help in lightening hyperpigmentation. The flavone, which is a type of phyto-antioxidant, quercetin stimulates the creation of melatonin, one of the hormones responsible for skin pigment.

4. Detoxification

Onion’s sulfur stimulates the production of glutathione, a potent antioxidant. It initiates enzymes in the liver to help remove toxins. That, combined with quercetin, alleviates toxicity in the body.

5. Supports the immune system

Besides the other already mentioned benefits of onion, it is a good source of vitamin C too. This vitamin destroys every virus we know. This vegetable is antibacterial, so consuming it can put off gastric ulcers by preventing growth of Heliobacter pylori, the bacteria that cause them.

6. Insomnia

Cut a raw onion and breathe deeply five to ten times before going to bed. This will help you to fall asleep.

7. Menstrual cramps

The amino acid cysteine, which is included in onions, eases muscle pain and stress, avoids damage of the cells, and supports liver function. Consume some raw onions daily, four to five days before the start of the period. This will ease the cramps.

8. Nosebleeds

If your nose is bleeding, cut an onion and hold it under your nose. The fumes are a natural coagulant and the bleeding will stop.

9. Oral health

The harmful bacteria in the mouth can be destroyed, while tooth decay and infection can be prevented by chewing raw onion.

10. Pimples

Pimples can be healed without scarring if you rub a slice of onion on your face every day. There are no side effects, and your skin won’t get dry. Also, onion extract improves the appearance of existing scars.

11.Sex drive

The allicin in onions, which is also present in garlic, promotes blood flow, but it can also boost libido.

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