Let’s Blend! Raspberry Shake to Refresh the Body and Clean Out the Toxins

Raspberries are one of the world’s most consumed berries because of their rich color, sweet juicy taste and antioxidant power. In addition to antioxidants, raspberries are also reducing the risk of many diseases. To use both as a medicine, the raspberry leaves and fruits, they need to be collected during ripening stage. The leaves should be dried in a cool, bright place. Raspberries are good for the heart and blood vessels. The large amounts of fiber they contain contribute to the beneficial effect they have in improving the work of the intestine and preventing the development of colon cancer.

Raspberry is recommended as a dietary food in patients with diabetes also used in people with kidney disease, and those who suffer from rheumatism. The leaves of raspberry are used for preparing teas to relieve sore throat and inflammation of the intestine, diarrhea, skin diseases, strengthen the heart and improving immunity. Raspberry, according to popular experience, have a cooling capacity and can lower the body temperature. Raspberry tea also helps the patient’s menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms.

Raspberry Shake Recipe

– 60 grams of fresh raspberries
– 1 peeled and chopped banana
– Few leaves of spinach
– Few ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in a blender, then pour a glass of orange juice and blend it.
Drink as needed and refresh your body in these hot summer days.

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