These Foods are Scientifically Proven to Enlarge Your Life Expectancy

Sure you already know that healthy food and lifestyle can extend your life. In this text we will give you some tips on how you can change your eating habits.
Salad, grapes and broccoli
Eating low caloric and high nutrient greens are the best for long, healthy life. Try to eat as more grapes, salads and broccoli because these three ingredients will benefit your health for sure.
Not only berries are sweet and tasty, but they are full with antioxidants that boost your immunity. One more good news is that they defer wrinkles and different signs of aging.
Studies have shown that garlic can people who consumed more garlic have lower risks for developing certain cancers.
Olive Oil
Olive is delicious, but healthy as well. It is well known for its heart benefits. If you take two teaspoons daily you will maximize its positive effects.
Bok Choy
Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage. This vegetable is rich in nutrients and includes vitamin C, fiber and folic acid. It also contains glucosinolates. Science has shown that this content prevents cancer.
Since heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death in the USA, it is good to know that avocados tend to lower the bad cholesterol levels and increase the good ones. Avocado also help body to take in vitamins like lycopene and beta carotene that improve heart health.
Lycopene is also present in tomatoes. Try to consume them very often, raw or cooked as ingredient in your pasta sauce or soup.
Maybe not many of you know that these legumes are very good for the body. Legumes diet can raise the levels of butyrate in human body. It is an acid that helps the protection of cancer development.
Grains and Seeds
Healthy digestion is helped with seeds and grains since they are rich in fiber. Also, fiber protects the body from heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. Blood sugar, blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels can be reduced with fiber diet.
If consumed in moderation, alcohol can be beneficial, especially for the heart. Men should not have more than two drinks and women should have only one drink a day.

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