Never Reheat These 7 Foods: They Can Poison Your Family

Many people reheat their leftovers. For some types of food it is ok, but some can pose a danger to your health because they don’t have the same nutritional quality. Reheating food has become part of people’s daily schedule due to their busy lives. Nobody wants to cook after a tiring day when you have a microwave.
These are some foods you should never warm and eat after cooking.


It is not safe to warm spinach, so eat it once it is ready. Spinach contains plenty of nitrates that turn into nitrites when heated. It is hazardous because nitrites are carcinogenic to the human body.


Beets have nitrates, so do not reheat it. You can warm it, but do not reheat it because it is more dangerous.


Chicken can be dangerous when consumed the following day. You may experience problems with digestion because the protein structure will be changed. It is recommended to consume this meat cold. If you need to warm it, do it on low heat for a longer period.


Celery is mostly used in soups. It also has nitrates, just like celery. When you warm the soup, nitrates transform into nitrites. Remove the celery when you do this. The same should be done with carrots as well.


You probably already know that mushrooms should not be warmed. Make sure you eat them right after they are cooked. However, if you eat them the next day, eat them cool. Reheating mushrooms may trigger digestive problems and heart issues.


Potatoes are tasty and nutritious, but when they cool off or sit for 1-2 days, it loses its nutritious quality. At this point potatoes become dangerous for the body.


Eggs can be fatal if heated and warmed. This applies only to fried and boiled eggs.
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