Why You Should Stop Consuming Table Salt and Switch to Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt is essential for life and we cannot live without it. It is the most important ingredient in cooking. However, many people do not understand that there are great differences between table salt and the natural salt. If you want your body to function regularly, the salt you consume must have all natural elements.
Common table salt is a mineral consisting primarily sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound. It is dried on over 1200 Celsius degrees changing the natural structure of salt.
Himalayan pink salt is over 250 million years old. It is the cleanest salt on Earth and absolutely unpolluted.
Pink SaltThis Himalayan salt is also known as “pink gold”. Together with the clean spring water, Himalayan crystal salt offers all 84 natural elements that are found in the human body.
Some of the benefits of consuming Himalayan salt include:
– Regulates the body water
– Promotes a steady pH balance within the cells
– Reduces the signs of aging and promoting healthy blood pressure
– Stops muscle cramps
– Promotes healthy sinuses and strong bones
– Maintains healthy lungs and respiratory function
– Body detoxification of heavy metals
– Improves circulation
Consuming regular table salt triggers extra liquid in your body that can lead to:
– Cellulite
– Rheumatism, arthritis and blood clotting
– Lung stones and gallstones
Then Why Many People Still Use Table Salt?
With its strong advertisement, salt industry is too successful to make you believe that salt has healthy benefits while it adds poisonous iodine and fluorides.
Today’s table salt is “poor” in comparison with the minerals that make Himalayan crystal salt so valuable. The crystal salt exists for more than 250 million years in extreme tectonic force, far from influence of pollution.
Once you try Himalayan salt, you will never go back to using the regular table salt.
It is believed that sea salt is better than the table salt, but in reality, seas are becoming more and more polluted and sea salt is more processed. That makes Himalayan pink salt the purest salt today.

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