You Must Know This! How to Identify Genetically Modified Food in the Shops And Markets

Do we know what kind of food we consume? Is it genetically modified? Up to 80% of processed foods consumed in the USA are.

Genetically modified organisms are plants that scientists have changed. But this is not something new, because GMO food has been sold since 1994.

This kind of food is almost impossible to escape. If you are not eating only fresh, unprocessed food that is marked as non-GMO or organic, probably you are consuming food that is genetically modified.
We know we always have to choose non-GMO products. There is a difference between the GMO and non-GMO you can notice.

GMO food looks better, juicier, shinier and more appealing, like the fruit and vegetables you are going to see in the supermarket. There are many signs that will show that food is alive. If you thumb a tomato that looks perfect and it bruises, it is not GMO. Always buy food that does not look perfect. It is going to be healthier and more delicious.

I guess, the best solution is not to buy veggies and fruit from supermarkets.
Buying from farmers that grow their food on their own is the best way to choose healthy vegetables and fruits. But, if you must buy from a supermarket, make sure to avoid nice-looking packaging and choose something simple. GMO food makes money and can afford more appealing packaging in order to attract more customers.

Not only USA has GMO food, but it comes from other countries as well:
– Argentina
– Brazil
– China
– and India

How do workers in Monsanto expect us to eat their products when they are not and won’t eat theirs?
Try not to buy food that is not expensive but packaged expensively just to look more appealing. And usually when you see food that is not in season but available in stores, it means that the product is either imported or developed in nurseries, therefore made from GMO.

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