Find Out The Age You Will Get Married

The art of reading the hands is called Palmistry. People practicing it want to get the idea of future happenings in life. By studying the marriage lines on your palm, you can get your age of marriage indication. Also, marriage lines are known as the affection lines or lines of union.

How to spot the age of marriage?

These marriage lines are present on the edge of the palm below the little finger. It can be spotted at the outer edge of the palm and the line continues towards the area under the little finger. Don’t be surprised because it is very common to have more than one marriage line.
These short horizontal lines are called marriage lines and indicate important relationships that impress you deeply. Marriage is not necessarily involved in these relationships. The stronger this line is, the deeper the marriage. The several light lines indicate romances, while clear and strong lines indicate stronger relationships.
The long union line relates to your marriage, while the shorter lines reveal your affections. The distance between the heart line to the base line of the little finger is considered 50 years.
If the marriage line is placed near to the heart line, it means that you will get married quite early.
If the marriage line is placed in the center of the mount it means that you will get married in the mid twenties.
If your line is three-quarters above the mount, it means that you will get married in the late 20s or even mid 30s.
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