Get Rid of Aching Blisters FOREVER With Just A Small Hair Dryer!

Women love shoes, no matter if they are flats, heels, wedges, boots, or sandals.
However, blisters often occur after wearing new shoes for a few times. Actually, this is the worst part because most of these shoes tend to give us blisters and pains due to their stiffness.
Luckily, we are going to help you break in your new pair of shoes in no time with this excellent trick. It is better to break in your new shoes, until letting your new shoes break you instead.
Blisters on your feet will become a thing of the past with this amazing hack. You would’ve never believed that there is such an easy trick to fight sad, sore feet and give them some relief.
This technique needs only a few materials that you already have at home. All you need is:

  • a pair of socks
  • your new shoes
  • a hair dryer

First thing you are going to do is put on your sock and then put on your new shoe. This is great because sometimes there are some spots on the new shoes that don’t fit perfectly. So, this will solve that problem.
Now, take your hair dryer and put it over the tightest spot of the shoe for a few seconds.
After doing that, take off your sock and put your foot back in. You will see that there is more wiggle room. Your shoes will fit much more comfortably than they did before in just a few seconds.
The shoes stretch more when you wear more than one pair of socks and move toes around after you apply heat from the dryer.

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