6 Things You Need To Know If You Are In an Intimate Relationship With a Gemini

This is the season of Gemini. They are known for their gentle, careful and curious nature. Just like any other air sign, they are communicative, sociable, and fun, but also they can be serious and reckless.
The only thing that is always true about Gemini is that you can never know what to expect from them. They desire mental stimulation and diversity, so they often fight in order to cope with the routines present in every life aspect, such as work, relationships, family, etc.
The unique needs of Gemini make them almost unbearable in love relationships. These are some of the basic things you should know about Gemini so you can establish a healthy relationship with them…
1. You have to be ready for changes
Routines are something that bothers Gemini the most. You should know that they won’t accept a boring relationship filled with repetitions and habits. Make sure you are fun and add some diversity into the relationship.
Go to untraditional love dates and prepare surprises. Gemini will appreciate your attention. It may be hard for you to stay in a relationship with a Gemini if you expect consistency in the relationship. Be open to changes and don’t be afraid to try new things.
2. Geminis are not dependable or reliable
This does not mean they will intentionally disappoint you. Geminis are often unaware of how their actions affect others, and sometimes they have eyes only for themselves.
As their partner, you must be independent and very patient. Most Geminis are aware you can’t always count on them, which makes them very apologetic. Don’t make them feel bad because of it, but help them change.
3. You can’t always trust Geminis
If you have trust issues and you are thinking about entering a relationship with a Gemini, think hard about this. They are not dishonest, but they can be caught up in the moment. You will find yourself thinking “Did he/she really mean that?”. The longer this happens, the more you will be confused. If you have troubles believing people as a result from a previous relationship or you are generally an over-analytical person, remember it is very hard to read Geminis.
4. Geminis live in the moment
This is a great characteristic of Geminis. They are always happy and fun, whom everyone likes to be around. Often, they are the life of the party, and they radiate natural energy that attracts people around them. However, this can be a big problem for a relationship. Those who want to make plans will start to feel irritated because of their unpredictability. A Gemini may feel pressured and become detached if s/he is pushed, particularly in conversations about the future of the relationship. This does not mean they don’t care, just that they have never thought of it.
5. Sex is not that important to them
Of course it matters, but for Geminis the actual sex isn’t as fun as the excitement that comes with it. Be creative and don’t forget that they hate routines.
6. Geminis are distant from their emotions
Geminis are hard to reach. This is also hard for them because they have a deep need to be understood.
If you are ready to listen, you will get plenty of important information for your Gemini. That will help you build emotional connection and will make you feel special.
Anyway, if you want to keep them close and overcome some of their personality obstacles, you will see that they truly are amazing friends and love partners.