Pick a Sock That You Like and We Will Tell You Everything About You

Pick a Sock That You Like and We Will Tell You Everything About You
1. Simple socks in one color
You are the type of person who knows how to get his job done. You are born a leader and inspire other people to look after you. You are serious, responsible and active, which help you make a progress fast. Be cautious and don’t let your serious attitude take over your life. This may be the best time to let more fun into your life. Don’t be afraid of relaxing.
2. Striped socks
You want things you can count on. As such, you are the type of person anyone can count on. Your parents and friends know they can believe you. Also, you are a good listener. Others come to you for an advice or to confess their feelings. You may know all your friends’ secrets and keep them without any problem. Because of this trait, people want to be your friends, but make sure you do the same for them. The essence of a good communication lies in the balance between listening and sharing.  Share more with others.
3. Socks with polka dots
You are shy and reserved. Instead seeking attention from your friends and colleagues, you just stand quietly in the corner and observe. Being shy doesn’t make you boring, but you just don’t feel like you need to be in the center of attention. However, come out of your shell – it is always a good advice for people like you. You can surprise people with your intelligence and humor.
4. Socks with rhomboids
You are an adventurer. You enjoy the thrill that comes from taking risks. You are always the first person who suggests trying new food or exploring a new part of the world. You like living on the edge and your friends love that about you. Although people try to tame you, you stay faithful to yourself. Courage is needed to face the world with an adventurous spirit like yours.
5. Zigzag striped socks
You are a creative person and like thinking outside the box. Your friends may criticize you for being sloppy and disorganized at times, but that happens because they don’t understand your fast mind. You live according to your rhythm, so you are prone to avoiding other people. The world needs more people like you, meaning you don’t need to apologize for your simplicity. Also, when people get to know you completely, you will win them with your amazing creativity and charm.
6. Socks with hearts
You have a romantic soul. You are fun and joyful. You are a loyal friend and always in pursuit of love. Your ideal date night includes warm hug while watching a romantic comedy. Beware not to disappoint people near you because they don’t share the same feelings for romance. People like you for your big heart. Stay the way you are and you will accomplish great things.
7. Socks with flowers
Eternal optimist. Your cheerfulness and positive attitude towards the world make you happy and satisfied. Your positive energy is contagious. Also, your positive attitude can be an inspiration for your friends who like to complain all the time. Of course, not everyone is happy every day, but you radiate positive energy even on your bad days. Don’t be afraid to open your heart because your sincerity won’t threaten your warm nature. On the contrary, it will help you feel happier in life.
8. Colorful socks
You are loud, proud and not afraid of raising the tone of your voice. At parties, people gather around you to hear your funny stories. Because of this, people like you and want you in their company. Try not talking too loud, so other people can’t hear what you are saying. Find time for interaction with your friends and make sure you talk as loud as you hear.

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