This is Why You Should Always Have a Needle In Your Pocket !

Read this article to learn why you should always carry a needle in your pocket. Knowing this can save yours or someone else’s life. The needle can help someone having a stroke, long before the paramedics arrive. When experiencing a stroke, brain capillaries tear apart, so the cerebrum stops receiving the proper amounts of oxygen. The cerebrum cells are being destroyed, so quick medical help is required or the consequences can be fatal.
If this happens, this is what you need to know to save someone’s life when having a stroke:
Stay calm and call 911 immediately. Don’t move the person who is having a stroke until the paramedics arrive. Take a needle, which should be sterilized and clean, and prick the tips of every finger, as close to the nails as possible, and as quickly as you can. Blood should start spilling from the fingers, and if not, press the finger for the blood to come out. The person will regain consciousness quickly. Then, you just need to wait for the paramedics to take over.
If the person who is experiencing a stroke has a crooked mouth, start massaging their ears until they get red. It will improve blood circulation. Next, use the needle to prick the softest earlobe twice, so that 2 drops of blood will emerge out. Soon, their mouth will return to normal. Then, sit still and wait for the paramedics to come.
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