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5 Laws of Weight Loss: Losing Weight, for Each Body Part

Scientists say that the distribution of fat in a certain part of the body reveals a lot about the habits of the individual in terms of his/her health. Also, it aids the process of its loss.
You are going to read about the 5 priceless weight loss rules that will show you how to lose excess fat and get the body you have always desired.

Upper Body

If there is excess fat on your forearms, hands, back, shoulders, chest, back or belly, it means that you are not enough physically active and you consume unhealthy foods.
You need to change your dietary habits and eat 500-1000 calories every day, and exercise 5 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Do some helpful cardio exercises and some sit-ups and push-ups to mark the upper body area.

The Abdominal Area from the Navel to the Lumbar Part of the Back

When the excess fat is mostly accumulated in the belly area, it means that the body produces excessive amounts of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.
You need to start some exercise sessions, yoga or Pilates and consume food rich in minerals, fibers and vitamins.
Moreover, if your belly is bloated all the time, it may be triggered by excess intake of alcohol or trouble breathing. In this case, you have to reduce the alcohol consumption and consult your doctor about the breathing problems.

The Entire Back, and the Abdominal Area from the Chest

Gaining weight in this area means you consume unhealthy foods, or skip meals and then overeat. Also, it shows that you are physically inactive.
If you want to lose the excess weight in this area, you need to eat a healthy diet and consume 5 meals throughout the day. These meals should be in moderate amounts and include healthy ingredients that are not high in calories. Also, try to be more active, swim, walk, run, and do exercises for your belly and back.

The Abdomen, Thighs, and Buttocks Area

This area is considered to be the critical zone in women. The accumulated excess weight in this area is result from a lack of physical activity. Try more cycling, circular training, including lower body workout so these problematic areas as targeted.

The Legs, Buttocks, and Abdominal Area

Women usually gain weight in the lower part of their body as a result of pregnancy. You need to start exercising for endurance in the lower body. Cycle or start with a circular training.
Article source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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