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This Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide To Losing Weight has Gone Absolutely Viral

The man who lost 80 lbs is called Aaron Bleyaert. On his Tumblr blog he wrote about his journey and the post has gone viral. This is how he achieved his slim figure.
He wrote that he lost those 80 lbs in a year and worked out to get in shape.
There are 4 important steps in losing weight according to him:
1. Don’t consume fruit juice because it contains too much sugar.
2. Also, stop consuming beer because a beer is just like eating seven slices of bread.
3. Be careful with your portions. You can start the day with lean meats and vegetable because it will easily make you lose weight. When you go to a restaurant, immediately put half of the ordered meal in a takeout container and eat it at home later. This is a great method for portion control!
4. If you get heartbroken, start going to the gym more often. Even if you think those exercises are not the right for you, do it until you sweat and never stop the process. When you are heartbroken, your life should revolve around 4 things: work, gym, food, and sleep.
Learn more about your muscles and their function, practice eating healthy meals and plan your weekly meals. After gym or work, have a meal of a single chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Afterwards you can go to sleep, wake up and work, followed by working out at the gym. Work out until you sweat like crazy.
Run on the treadmill, starting with level three and then switch to level four, and then level 6. You will feel exhausted, but go ahead to level 10.
You will become one of the regular people working out at the gym and sometimes the last one to go home. You will sweat more and more.
Your fat body becomes thin, lean and muscular. You can now set a new goal and achieve it.
Dating others is easy, but for you it is a distraction because all you are concentrated on is beating your best sprinting time. Also, you have stopped drinking alcohol for a few months already and you rarely go out to bars and parties.
You continue doing your daily chores: working out, sweating, eating chicken breasts and vegetables, work, sleep, and then repeating the same process all over again. It makes your life much simpler and for you the only things that matter are you and the Gym.
After some period, you start noticing the girls that work out at the gym too. You are ready to move on. The memories of your ex girlfriend start to fade away.
Soon you will realize that a year has passed since you started to work out in the gym and run in the park. You have eaten plenty of chicken, sweated like crazy, lifted pounds and run miles. You start to realize that the weight or getting a muscular body is not the most important thing. It is patience that matters, the waiting and knowing that life and happy moments will come back to you.
Article source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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