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If You Want A Flat Stomach, Stay Away From The Following Six Foods

Have you prepared your body for the beach? If you desire a flat stomach, here are some very simple tips…
Now it is very easy to get rid of the belly fat around your waistline. Of course drinking lots of water is good for losing belly fat, but maintaining healthy food diet is also important to lose belly fat.
Here are some things you need to follow if you want to get a flat stomach. You will eliminate bloating and lose the fat on your abdomen immediately.
No More Dairy Food
Milk may be healthy, but it is not helpful if you want a flat stomach. Milk consumption triggers gasses and bloating, so you better avoid it. If you really like dairy products, choose yogurt instead of milk.
No Processed Food,  Coffee, Refined Sugar and Alcohol
Belly fat can be removed by taking a great sacrifice: avoiding coffee and alcohol. The process of fat accumulation is increased by the processed food and causes bulky tummy. The refined sugar blocks the process of burning fat.
Lower Salt Consumption
Excessive salt intake causes water retention in the body. Don’t add too much salt in your food and start avoiding it as much as possible.
Avoid Hot Spices
Hot spicy food stimulates secretion in your stomach, which often causes stomach irritation. Hot spices intake leads to problems with digestion and aids fat accumulation near the stomach.
Lower Your Carbohydrates Intake
Carbohydrates weaken the process of belly fat burning. Avoid pasta, bread, and sweet food and instead choose food that is rich in protein.
Always Choose Fruit
Fruits are always the best choice. However, you need to choose the right fruit for losing weight. The consumption of pears or apples provides more fructose, which will slow down the metabolism of the body. Take some citrus fruit to reduce belly fat.
Article source: www.fhfn.org

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