Weight Loss


Hips and thighs are the most difficult parts of a woman’s body to remove its surplus of centimeters. So, starting to lose weight when spring arrives is not a smart choice.
If you want to remove the fat deposits from the inner and outer part of your thighs, you need to do these three things: control the daily calorie intake, drinking plenty of water and start doing helpful exercises.
The good news is there is no need of going to the gym at all. This article is about complex of exercises that can be performed at your home. You just need to spend 12 minutes daily to get minus 1 centimeter in your hips and thighs in a week. Of course it won’t be easy, but you will be glad at the end.
You can do this regularly and without any equipment. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Although these exercises look funny, they actually work. Try them because they have already helped thousands of women.

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Toes out, knees open, hips down. You don’t need to stick your butt way out, but it is going to go up behind you a little bit. You can put your hands wherever you want. Engage the core in the front.

Side Lunge

Come out to the side. When your outside foot contacts the ground, lower your body by pushing your hip back and bending the knee. Do one leg for 30 seconds, then switch. Your weight needs to go into the heels and your knee should not go over your toe.

Squat and Kick

Do squats and a kick out. You don’t need to raise legs all the way up. Keep your hands somewhere neutral. Engage your core, shoulders and back.

Skater Hops

Jump in. You can pick up the speed, the distance from side to side. The lower you get, the more you are maximizing this movement. Reach forward with your hands.

Inner Leg Lift

Lie on the floor. You have leg lifts to the inside. Just pull it up and point the toe. Do 30 seconds for each side.

Leg Circles

Stay in the same position. You are going to utilize the top leg and the steady leg will be the one at the bottom. Bring the leg up and circle back. Point the toe.
After you are done with both legs, do the same exercise, but this time by making circles in the opposite direction, to the front.

Outer Leg Lift

Stand in the position for side plank and bring your leg up. When 30 seconds are over, switch it over.

Fire Hydrants

Place your hands and knees on the ground. Keep shoulders wide apart and palms flat. Keep your back straight, raise your right thigh and bring it out and then down. That’s it. The working leg should not touch the ground.

Fire Hydrant Kick

This is pretty much the same position, but you are going to kick your leg out. So, when you raise your right thing, bring it out and kick, and then down. Point your toe.

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