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You all know the formula for losing weight: consuming less calories and burning more calories. However, many diets and weight-loss plans don’t always give you what you want. So, read on if you want to lose a few pounds quickly.
Here are some simple tips you need to follow if you want to achieve slimmer body for a short period.
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People like to drink alcohol because it relaxes them. But, it is rich in calories and frequent alcohol consumption can give you some extra pounds because it is often drank with soft drinks and junk food.
You will see drop in your pounds if you cut down on your alcohol consumption.
No Food after 9 pm
Eating after 9 pm is a bad idea because it adds up to the calorie content in the body because you probably ate enough for the day. Also, people eat at this period most frequently because of boredom or stress, not because they are hungry.
Consume More Water
You already know that drinking plenty of water is good for your skin and keeps you hydrated. Also, it helps you lose weight because it removes toxins out of your body, and boosts metabolism. Moreover, it is great to estimate the difference between real hunger and feeling hungry because of boredom. It frequently occurs the body to mistake dehydration for hunger. So, drink a glass of water when you are hungry and you will know if your body really needs food.
It is advisable to drink minimum 8 glasses of water every day.
Get Enough Sleep
Don’t torment your body by not getting enough sleep and rest because it will start getting stressed. This leads to affecting hormones in the body related to hunger. Keep these hormone levels and appetite balanced by sleeping 6-8 hours a day.
Exercise for short intervals and have breaks in between. This boosts your metabolism and you will be able to burn more calories. Try to work out for 15-20 minutes every day to speed up the weight loss process.
Drink Coffee
Drinking plain and simple coffee instead latte with whipped cream, which is highly caloric, can help you lose weight. This happens because the caffeine in coffee increases the fatty acids release in the bloodstream and offers more energy. Also, it suppresses your appetite.
More Proteins in Your Breakfast
Having protein breakfast keeps you off the munchies during the day.
Sun Exposure
Feel the sun rays in the morning by opening your curtains. You will feel energized and also, people who soak up the morning sun have a lower body mass index in comparison with those people who don’t.
Snack in a Pack
While at work, don’t have some unhealthy snacks that are full with calories, but take an apple or a pack of almonds.
Article source: Healthy Vegan Style

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