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The No.1 Exercise That Will Eliminate Your Arm Fat in 1 Week and It Will Only Take a Minute

ACE, or the American Council on Exercise gave women the answer to a very common problem. Many women want to get rid of arm flab, and in this article you can read about the best single arm exercise to achieve that.
70 women participated in a study conducted by the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Electromagnetic electrodes were attached to women’s triceps while performing different arms exercises. The scientists recorded the real-time muscle activity of the women and resolved which arms exercises give the most muscle activity.
Eliminaate Arm Fat
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The results of this study showed that the triangle pushup activates most muscles amongst all the exercises tested. So, this is the best exercise for eliminating arm flab. Also, even better information is that you don’t need any equipment to perform it. The triangle pushup can be performed on your knees or toes.
You do not need to align your arms beneath the shoulders, but your hands need to form a triangle under your chest. Form the top of the triangle with the tips of the left and right middle fingers, while your thumbs point toward one another creating the straight-line base of the triangle. Keep your core stable and your body in a straight line as you lower yourself.
What are the other efficient arms exercises according to the study?
Other exercises that activate the arm muscles that are hard to tone are triceps kick backs and dips.
Overhead triceps extensions, bar push-downs, rope push-downs, closed-grip bench press, and lying barbell triceps extensions are the exercises that are less effective in getting rid of arm flab, according to the study.
The triceps kickbacks and triangle push-ups are safe to be performed and they require little or no equipment, including short amount of time to get the best results if performed regularly.
The bench dip activates many muscles so it can place too much force on the shoulder joint. This means you need to proceed with caution.
You can do these exercises almost every time and place. If you are training for endurance, two to three sets of 12-15 reps are enough. If you are training for muscle size and strengthening, do up to four sets of 6-12 rep range.
The exercises are demonstrated in the video below:

Video source: ACEfitness

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