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Woman Who Used To Weigh Almost 500lbs Recreates Her Old Photos After Extreme Weight Loss, And Its Hard To Believe Its The Same Person

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, and many people break them, but as you can see from these incredible pictures, some people don’t just stick to them. They smash them!

Lexi Reed, also known under the pseudonym of Fat Girl Fed Up, from Terre Haute, Indiana, weighed 485lbs back in 2016 while her husband Danny tipped the scales at 280lbs. Together they decided to get into shape, and just eighteen months later the pair has lost almost 400lbs (almost 180kg) together! “We didn’t have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other and the motivation within to work hard every single day,’ she wrote on Instagram. “We wanted to be parents in the future and live a long life together.”

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The couple, who wed in 2015, used to eat a total of around 8000 calories per day, but after giving up junk food in favor of home-cooked meals and starting to hit the gym five to six times per week, Lexi and Danny Reed shed around half of their body weight in just 12 months. During their incredible weight loss journey, Lexi has amassed almost 500k followers on Instagram (@fatgirlfedup), many of whom have been inspired by her hard work and determination. Scroll down to see the results of her incredible perseverance, and remember, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner…

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“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable & always push yourself to step out of your comfort zone!”

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That’s the philosophy of Lexi Reed from Terre Haute, Indiana

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She and her husband Danny used to weigh over 700lbs until they decided to get into shape

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They made a New Year’s resolution in 2016 and since then they’ve lost over 400lbs together!

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“We didn’t have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other”

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The couple, who wed in 2015, used to eat a total of around 8000 calories per day

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They gave up junk food and started cooking meals at home

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“You don’t have to live this way for the rest of your life Lexi,” she told herself

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“Are you going to just keep talking about losing the weight or are you just going to do it? No more excuses. No more fear”

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“This man has been by my side for the last 10 years and treated me no different at 485lbs than he does at 182lbs,” she said of her husband

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“He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel as anything other than beautiful”

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