Weird Beauty Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

This is an article every girl should read because it will teach you many interesting, and of course beneficial hacks that will make your life easier.
If you have the world’s worst dark circles, this life hack is to use red lipstick as a concealer primer. Don’t put a lot. Blend it with your fingers to make sure there is no excess. Then apply your concealer over it and you are done. You will be amazed by how effective this trick is.
The next trick is about making your eyelashes longer when putting on mascara. Take a single cotton ball. Take the brush and pick up some cotton ball fibers and out it in between every single coat of mascara you put.
Here is a trick if you are always in a rush and you want to wear eyeshadow. You can make the eyeshadow the day before. Take a foam sheets and cut two pieces that are shaped like an eye out of the foam sheet. Then, take some water and brush the water over it. Take some pigment eyeshadow, paint it wherever you want the color to be onto the foam sheet. Let it dry and then you could save a bunch of these and just use them the next day. When you decide to use the eyeshadow, press the sheet onto your eye and blend it.
If every time you tweeze your eyebrows or your mustache, or whatever you tweeze, it hurts really badly, take some Baby Orajel. It is for teething pain, but Orajel basically numbs it. Also, it doesn’t hurt your skin or anything. Apply it on the area you want to tweeze and let it shill for a minute, then wipe it away. Next, you can tweeze without feeling any pain.
If you have the problem where your lips are always chapped, no matter how much water you drink, take a green tea bag and wet it in the sink. Squeeze out any excess water and put the bag on your lips for about five minutes and they will not be chapped. It really works.
The next trick is how to get a nice nail design easily. Just take the nail polish you want and draw whatever design you want on a sandwich bag. Then, set it aside to let it dry. Once it is dry, place it on your nail and push it really hard. The nail design will just peel off when you peel the sandwich bag off.
If you have dark armpits, here is a trick on how to remove them. Take a potato. Cut it in half and rub it on your armpits. You will notice that your armpits will get brighter color after using it a few times.
If you are clumsy and get bruises all the time, read this trick! Put some mouthwash on a cotton ball and rub it on your bruise. The bruise will magically disappear.
If your hair has refused to retain volume, white powder can be used as dry shampoo. Apply some on your scalp and rub it. You will like the difference it makes.

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